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The National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) provides a network-wide picture of customers’ satisfaction with rail travel.

Passenger opinions of train services for the journey they are making are collected twice a year (in spring and autumn) from a representative sample of passenger journeys.

The NRPS analysis tool (Reportal) gives you quick and easy access to National Passenger Survey data from the last three years. This includes all the main passenger satisfaction measures plus journey and demographic data.

To access the system click on the link under NRPS analysis tool.

The National Rail Passenger Comments system allows access to actual comments made by respondents. These can be filtered by a number of categories.

Before using results from the analysis tool we recommend that you read the user guide, which includes some important information about the data, including sample sizes. For more details of how we carry out NRPS, see the NRPS Guidance Report and Survey Overview reports available here.

Disclaimer and licensing

We make every effort to ensure that data we publish in this database is accurate and helpful, but we cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions that do arise. If you require further or more detailed information, contact us for advice.

This National Rail Passenger Survey data is made available under the Open Database License.

Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

NRPS analysis tool (Reportal)

You can access the online results website by following the link below:
NRPS analysis tool

NRPS Online Comments

You can access the latest survey respondent comments online by following the link below:
NRPS online comments

Latest survey results

You can download the latest report by following the link below:
National Rail Passenger Survey Spring 2015

Official Statistics

You can read about NRPS and our compliance arrangements with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics by following the link below:
NRPS and our compliance with Official Statistics

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the National Rail Passenger Survey please contact David Greeno or Ian Wright on 0300 123 0860.